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Fall 2018-19 Registration

Early Bird Registration Deadline: June 30th. Click here for the Earlybird fee schedule.
Closing date Fall Registration: Sept 30th.

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Bursary assistance is available to help ensure that no child is denied the opportunity to sing with us.

Monday Rehearsal times: Carillon 5:30 – 6:30 pm Rhythm & Jazz 5:30 – 6:45 pm Lyrica 7:00 – 8:30 pm

Allegretto: Minimum Age - 5

This is an entry level choral program for young singers (maximum age 8).  Singers will learn the basics of singing technique, performance,  teamwork using music games to reinforce concepts.  Skills taught will be age and ability appropriate.  This group will sing in English and other languages with music representing diverse styles and genres. They will perform solo groups on their own as well as singing with the Mass Choir.  The music is primarily unison with optional 2nd part.  They will perform in 2 major concerts as well as in Senior’s homes and other community events.  Total performances each year approx. 6 – 8.

Youth Singers: Minimum Age - 8

This choir will focus on jazz, blues, world, spiritual, and broadway music genres--anything with rhythm and the chance for choreography (sung with proper technique--no belting). Music repertoire will include  ‘solo’ group works, pieces performed with Lyrica, and performances with the mass choir.

At the moment, it will be a unison, or 2-part group, with the expectation that as the boys’ voices transition, the choir can become 3-part mixed. The choir participates in activities in and around the Owen Sound area travel to day- festivals in Ontario with no overnight stays, as well as competitions.  (ie Local Kiwanis Music Festival)

This choir includes ear training and rhythm exercises each week and works on sight-reading with solfege skills. Members will be expected to finish YSJ book 1 in their first year and then continue with the YSJ program.

Chamber Ensemble: Ages 12 to 20

This is a women’s competition-level choir. Attends festivals and workshops in Ontario each year. Requires overnight trips. Travels within the country, United States, and Europe to various festivals and competitions. The ‘Rep’ level of the choir.

Music repertoire each session will include ‘solo’ group pieces, performances with R&J, and performances with the mass choir, as well as any festival or workshop music. There is a very short turn-around time for learning music and sight-reading skills are used and developed each week.

Invitation only (either from Rhythm & Jazz or from the community if the singer has a broad musical background and is willing to finesse vocal technique).

Audition-based entry. MUST have completed book 2 of YSJ (or are willing to take a crash course). Show an understanding of sight reading simple melodies in C+, F+, Bb+, G+, and D+ and reading rhythms in simple time (including sixteenth notes). Have good keyboard knowledge to aid practicing.


SSA(A) music that spans all genres (pop, a cappella, classical, sacred, folk, African, spiritual, world, broadway, jazz, blues), time periods (modern, Renaissance, Classical, etc), and languages. Music that is frequently found at a university-level choir. Each session will have a broad range of music that includes pieces that are more pop-based, serious choral, and quite challenging. For example: spring 2014 repertoire included Rent’s “Seasons of Love” and Cohen’s “Hallelujah” [pop]; Rutter’s “For the Beauty of the Earth” [serious]; and Hatfield’s “Ain’t That News” [rhythmic and challenging]).

Volunteer with the GBCC

The GBCC seeks individuals who have an interest in contributing to the positive growth and development of youth in our community.  Through a high caliber choral music educational program we enable all children to sing and grow as young artists, keeping the arts alive in our community.

We invite you to apply for a position as Member of the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir Board of Directors.