Director's Message

As an adolescent, I had the opportunity to sing in the Children’s Festival Chorus under the direction of Jeannette Steeves. Through travelling to international festivals, performing in concerts, learning challenging music, and interacting with other talented musicians, my own musical skills developed at a rapid rate. I have come to realize that my love of choral music began in those years and that love greatly influenced me when I had the opportunity to assume the role of director of the Georgian Bay Children’s Choir.

It is so important to foster and encourage singing in our young generation today. As music is slowly phased out of the school systems, young musicians need an outlet in which to express themselves and develop their musical skills. Furthermore, men and women are reaching adulthood without ever having sung because either they did not have the opportunity as a child, or they were told they shouldn’t because they couldn’t sing. I believe everyone can sing and find inspiration in the shared production of music. We are born with an instrument inside us; it costs us nothing to use, but it expresses the core of who we are, and as such, is an intensely vulnerable experience. The relationships that develop between choir members are unique and lasting. You stand together, you breathe together, and you use your body to express a medium that crosses language and social barriers. One of my clearest memories as a chorister occurred while participating in an international festival where we met a choir from South Africa. We were unable to converse fluently with one another, but we knew a few of the same songs, and I remember standing in a circle, all mixed together, singing.

The Georgian Bay Children’s Choir is a safe place in which young singers can explore their instruments without fear of judgement, knowing they will be encouraged and supported in their daily efforts. Singers develop lasting friendships with like-minded people and explore their musical, social, and personal skills while learning challenging repertoire and performing in a variety of venues. Perhaps one of these choristers will look back on their experiences with the Georgian Bay Children's Choir and realize that choir helped them, as it did me, discover the path of their life.

Regan MacNay, GBCC Director